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This beautiful Hawthorn Hills Ranch wedding inspiration will have you head over heels.

Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranch bridalpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranch Cranberry bouquetpintopinterest Cranberry and Blue invitationspintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranch Cranberry and Blue wedding floralspintopinterest Cranberry and Blue table settingpintopinterest Red and pink wedding floralspintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranch Wedding tablepintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Red and Pink floralspintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranch bridal lookpintopinterest floral undopintopinterest Floral undopintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest Hawthorn Hills Ranchpintopinterest

Hawthorn Hills Ranch Wedding

Our inspiration for this editorial began by creating a subtle, yet beautiful palette of fall inspired colors. We wanted to create a mix of cranberry and wine, which are usually known for depicting fall, but we also wanted to accentuate this with a touch of blue and dusty blue to give a delicate and unique vibe to this Hawthorn Hills Ranch wedding inspiration. This created a romantic and elegant scenery.

Sydnee Events and Borrowed Inspirations were amazing at taking our palette and inspiration to give life to this beautiful wedding shoot. All the elements and the colors came together to mix with the fall scenery and created a unique and dreamy setting that would make any bride delighted.In addition to the décor, Hands of Hollis created the most fitting and beautiful stationary to go along with the session. The calligraphy and watercolor design took that color palette and made it fitting for fall. Likewise Gracie’Ella put this session together by giving the bride a glamorous look. Her up do complimented by hydrangeas and roses was not only romantic, but also organic and free flowing.

When the moment came to decide which venue would be the perfect fit for our shoot, we decided to choose a unique venue that would represent the bride that wants to mix the indoor with some outdoor experience. Hawthorn Hills Ranch was the perfect fit for this amazing inspiration session. Located in Krum, Texas, this venue with its stunning scenery and its lovely landscaping inspires natural elegance with a touch of southern chic charm. In overall, this venue was the perfect setting for this elegant and timeless inspiration.


Venue: Hawthorn Hills Ranch

Wedding Planning: Sydnee Events

Stationary: Hands of Hollis

Rentals: Borrowed Inspirations

Hair & Makeup: Gracieella Artistry

Photography: Thelockharts

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View this elegant Westbury Manor wedding video on our blog. It was an absolute winter wedding fairytale to make any heart overjoyed.

The Couple

Gertrudes and Elwyn are such fun loving people and we had such a great time capturing their day. As they started the day, both the bride and the groom’s rooms were filled with laughter and fun. They were so relaxed and excited the entire day, and this is exactly what type of couple they were. Throughout the day they made sure to enjoy every single second of each other, and this is what a wedding is all about. I always stress to my couples that even though the little details are important, the most important thing in your wedding is celebrating your love. This is exactly what Gertrudes and Elwyn did!

Their Guest

In addition to the couple, everyone around them was incredibly excited and emotional that this day had finally come. The bridesmaids were crying throughout the day, and if that doesn’t show how much they are loved, I don’t know what does. We remember meeting with Gertrudes for the first time, and she came accompanied with her maid of honor. We knew from then that this was going to be a wedding filled with love, not only from the couple, but from their bridal party and guest.

The Ceremony

Gertrudes ceremony church, Our Lady of Angels was definitely breath taking. With it’s beautiful windows,  high ceilings, and paintings, it was fit for a grand wedding. We loved every single part of their traditional ceremony. Even more so, their officiant was energetic and uplifting, reminding everyone in the room of the love they had come to celebrate.

The Westbury Manor Wedding

The Westbury Manor located in Long Island is always such a beautiful, romantic location for a wedding. As soon as you came in the room, you were overwhelmed with beauty. Day’s Desk Weddings made sure the day turned out flawless and every detail in the room was perfect. It was truly a beautiful winter wedding in New York!

Reception Venue: Westbury Manor

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Angels Church

Wedding Planning: Day’s desk Weddings

Florals: Elegant Florals

Cake: Francesco’s Bakery

Photography: Vanilla Smile Photography

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View this stunning romantic snowy Dumbo engagement session up on our blog !

Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_01pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_02pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_03pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_04pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_05pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_06pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_07pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_08pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_09pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_10pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_11pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_12pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_13pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_14pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_15pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_16pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_17pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_18pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_19pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_20pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_21pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_22pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_23pintopinterest Tannie + Kevin _Dumbo_Engagment_24pintopinterest

Jane’s Carousel Dumbo Engagement Session

We all know that the weather in New York City during winter months can be totally unpredictable. This snowy dumbo engagement session is proof of that. Tannie and Kevin wanted to have a magical and unique engagement session and that is exactly what they received. What looked like a normal overcast day turned to be just magical when beautiful snowflakes began descending from the sky as we started our session near Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo. This lovely touch of beauty made this dumbo engagement session much more cozier, unique and romantic.

Tannie and Kevin braved the cold weather for the entire duration of the session. Although in between we made a little stop at One Girl Cookies to grab some espressos and gain some energy to culminate this dumbo engagement session on a high note. We are just amazed by their perseverance and their ability to go above and beyond to reach perfection on their lovely session.

The Couple’s Love Story

We always like to connect with our couples, so we went ahead and asked Tannie how did Kevin proposed to her and she said “ It was very unexpected. On June 17th, 2016, Kevin and I went to Spruce Street Harbor park in Philadelphia.  It’s on the water and they have all sorts of lights, food trucks, boats and things like that.  As the night went on we went down by the water and started playing “the question game”.  We were asking eachother silly questions like “how much do you love me?” or “do you love me more than ____?”.  We decided to record it so that we can have some memories and as we were recording Kevin randomly just asked me “Do you love me enough to marry me?” and put the ring in front of the camera.”  This proposal was sweet and intimate indeed.

Following this, we decided to ask her about him and she said: ” Kevin was different from everyone else. I was drawn to him because he took the time and was interested in getting to know me mentally and emotionally. Kevin is fun, silly, caring, happy, positive and loveeesss sports!!!”

After hearing these loving words from her, we decided to ask Kevin about how he felt about Tannie and he said “She is my better half and she makes me better every day by just being herself.  Getting to know her has made my days better even when I think they can’t be.  I am extremely grateful for everything she is as a person.”

We truly believe that they were made for each other. Looking at their reactions when they are together,  the constant display of love are proof of the unconditional love they hold for one another.

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What a beautiful Texan wedding at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. View their heart-warming wedding video on the blog!

The Bride and Groom

This wedding at the Stock Yards in Fort Worth, Texas was a dream. First of all Holly and Brian are such a super sweet couple, and working with them on their wedding day was not only fun, but emotional. These two love birds were really excited to get married and their friends and family joining them were excited to witness this, and we couldn’t imagine who wouldn’t be. Holly is seriously one of the most thoughtful and serving people I have met, and I know Brian compliments this. They deserve the best in what life brings them, and we know their guests feel the same way!


The Venue: Fort Worth Stock Yards

Without a doubt the venue location of this wedding was such a gorgeous, rustic place to have a wedding. If you want a wedding venue that screams Texas, the Fort Worth Stock Yards does this. In all the time we’ve been in this state, we never felt more Texan. Outside the venue you could see bulls and horses. In addition, the rustic features, such as brick flooring, made this wedding incredibly beautiful. Can we also add, that the traditional Texan food served here was also, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


The Ceremony and Reception

Throughout the day there was much tears and laughter. The ceremony was intimate, and had plenty of people including the couple, crying tears of joy. Then in the reception, the maid of honor and best man’s speech were truly heartwarming, but made sure to make everyone in the room smile.  On the other hand, the reception was fun an upbeat, with a talented live band running the show. Everyone in the room was up dancing and having fun. It was really a great way to end the night and celebrate Holly and Brian’s Love.


Venue: Fort Worth Stock Yards

Dress: Pence and Panache

Cake:  Calling All Cakes

Band: Cover Down


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We are so excited to share this beautiful Sand Castle Wedding with all of you. Thank you Jasmine and John for allowing us to be part of your beautiful wedding.

jasmine-john-_-wedding-01pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-02pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-03pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-04pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-06pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-07pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-08pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-09pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-10pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-11pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-14pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-15pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-16pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-17pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-18pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-19pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-20pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-21pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-22pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-23pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-24pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-25pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-26pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-27pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-28pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-29pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-30pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-32pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-33pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-34pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-36pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-37pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-38pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-39pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-40pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-41pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-43pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-44pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-45pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-46pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-47pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-48pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-49pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-51pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-52pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-53pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-54pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-55pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-57pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-58pintopinterest jasmine-john-_-wedding-59pintopinterest

The Bride and Groom:

Jasmine and John are completely adorable. We knew their wedding was going to be the real treat from the moment we sat down with them in our consultation. All the details, the dedication and the sentiment put towards this fabulous Sand Castle wedding was just incredible. During their “Dumbo Engagement Session” we got to see their personalities in full swing and this made us jump of happiness because we knew their wedding was going to be just like them romantic and filled with passion. From the moment we arrived to their getting ready location at Viana Hotel & Spa we just got lost in the fun and the emotion. First, as we walked into the suite we saw Jasmine and let me tell you she was absolutely stunning. Everything was perfect from her stylish hair and make up to her beautiful wedding dress to her gorgeous pair of Badgley Mischka heels.


Sand Castle Wedding:

The Sand Castle was the perfect venue for this wedding. It’s beautiful sceneries are the perfect landscape for capturing love. There are not many places in New York City with as much glamour and elegance as the Sand Castle. In addition, the interior of the venue is as beautiful as the exterior. Futhermore, the ballroom is complemented by aesthetically placed chandeliers that scream elegance as soon as you walk into it. Once inside the venue every detail  was carefully situated to be pleasing to the view of the guests. Finally, we are extremely thankful for having been able to capture Jasmine and John’s gorgeous Sand Castle Wedding.

Venue : Sand Castle

Photography: TheLockharts

Cinema: TheLockharts

Florals: Pedestals Florals

Dress: RK Bridal

Entertainment: Genesis Events

Cake: ButterCooky

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